Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy weekend!

Here is the weekend update....Finally!
It was such a crazy busy weekend....
We left here EARLY Friday morning so that we could make it over to the metro center area by 11:15 for Austins Award Luncheon. We had to stop and drop off the rest of the kids(due to limited seating) at Tammy's so it was a rush.
We arrived at the awards luncheon with Granny in tow....
Austin's teacher also came down for the occasion and we were grateful that she could make it.
There were 9 students that received the "I can do it" award from the Council for exceptional Children on the state level. It was a great honor and opportunity for Austin.
Here is the slide that they showed while they were talking about Austin's Accomplishments.
You can click on it to enlarge it which will allow you to read it.

and we are....SO very proud of you Austin for being who you are and accomplishing all that you do. You are an inspiration to many!
once the luncheon was over we raced back to Tammy's to drop off Granny and to pick up the rest of the group....from there we raced over to Apache Junction to try to catch Hayden's track meet which had already started. By the time we got there we had already missed the discus...he took 4th in that. After that he and 3 other boys did a shuttle hurdle relay (which we had never seen before but it was really fun to watch) and they took 1st. After that he was in an 800 medley relay and they took 2nd. From there we watched him do Shot put. We left before the results for that were given. He did fine in his "heat" but I think of all the boys he probably took 5th or 6th.
From there we ran to check into our hotel before meeting Lynn and her family for dinner. Our boys love the golden corral so that was their choice of where to go for dinner...BIG MISTAKE!
that place was an absolute zoo....loud, crowded, people up and down reloading plates, too small of plates so you had to get up and down ALOT...small space to try to maneuver! it was just nuts! i think we will stick to going there for lunch only. After that we had to Run Hayden over to the coliseum to catch his favorite cheerleader in competition. Then back to the hotel for swimming.
The next day we slept in alittle! THANKFULLY....then off for some lunch at in-and-out
Then we parted ways as Taylor and I went to Jessica's Bridal shower and Rich took the boys to a spring training game. The boys had a blast and we girls did too....

Here is our beautiful bride-to-be showing off her lovely bow-quet!
Congrats Jessica....its right around the corner...then you can relax and breath and enjoy married life!
next up....CHICAGO!


Tiffany said...

Way to go Austin and Hayden! And you are right, your new niece is absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

Sounds great ;) Well done Austin ;)