Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Track Progress...

He's making progress and its starting to show....too bad he did not stick with this sport after 8th grade! his coach said he has natural talent in the 800 and he really wished he would have been running this event since he was a freshman...
Today he attended his 3rd track meet of the Winslow.
He did the disc (not sure of his distance yet)
He did the 300 hurdles and came in next to the last
and he did the 800 relay...their team came in 2nd.
but he shaved 5 seconds off his time, coming in at 2:09!
he did not run the 800 today but the person who won the 800 (who is the favorite in this event and has been for several years) came in at 2:15
It will take alot more work and motivation but things are looking good!