Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Exchange Party....

We had our fun exchange student party this last Thursday! it was soo fun to get together with all the kids in our group. We played the white elephant game and they each brought a dessert from their country...that is always very interesting. This year each and every treat was exceptionally good!!
Chandler, Yosi, Cooper, Kevin, Guillermo, Max and Lina
Kevin, Guillermo, Max, Lina, Irene, Lisa and Renan

Naomi and Karianne
Kevin from Peru
Rich with his comfy blanket he scored.....but, unfortunately he did not keep it.
Guillermo went home with it!
Lina, Irene, Lisa and Naomi digging into the treats
Everyone enjoying the treats!
Guillermo, Lisa, Irene, Lina, Kevin, Renan, Max, Naomi and Karianne