Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On the Mend...

Well its FINALLY almost over.....
I am officially crutch free!
This foot has healed WAY faster then the first.
Boy am I happy about that!
I was on crutches with the first foot for nearly 5 weeks.
This time around I shed the crutches after just 3 weeks
I started walking again on my own yesterday
My first foot nearly feels back to normal...
a few twinges of pain in my ankle from time to time.
So glad this foot is coming along faster then the first
its still slow going....
but at least I'm FINALLY
on my way!!!
This has been the longest 10 weeks of my life!


granny said...

see if you had let me come sooner yu would have recovered from the first foot faster. haha
I love you . Mom

Gerri said...

Yay! Glad you're doing better!