Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you.....

Becky Montoya...

for bringing
peace and harmony
to our home
(with your individual Snack box idea)

that is until the pilfering begins......
in my house its inevitable....
the only question to be answered is WHO will do it first!

Rich told Noah just this morning that he had 30 seconds to get his chore done (unloading and loading the dishwasher)
or he(Rich) gets to pick from his(Noah's) snack box!
So I'm not so sure that the pilfering I will be worrying about will be between the kids!!!!

Now if you will box is missing
she is a smart girl that one...
she is keeping her box in her room!!


DeEdra said...

I noticed you have monkey boy on one of the boxes. That's one of the nicknames for one of our kids. Leave it to Becky to have a great idea!