Monday, February 14, 2011


Today on Valentines day...
I want to tell you what an amazing daughter I have....
She is a great daughter
She is an amazing mother
She is a great wife

Brittnee has always been a very responsible girl
wise and mature beyond her years

I want to tell her that I love her
and I want to thank her again
for all she does for me....
every year she comes and holds down the fort 
so Rich and I can escape this loca casa
and hang out in paradise for a week
(this year for two weeks)
We (mainly me) need it to
refresh and rejuvenate
I also want to thank her again
for letting me come
to New Mexico last week
to kinda crash her date
and go to Wicked with her
Thank you for taking ME..
it was an amazing musical
and I loved spending that time with you!!!
I was just thinking yesterday that she has been
gone from home for 6 years now!
time just keeps rushing by..
Thank you again Brittnee for ALL you do for me
You are an
wonderful women
and I'm SO proud to say you are my


*~Brittnee~* said...

awwwww, Thank you Mommy, I love you too and loved that you got to come see the show with me. Going with you made me feel a lot better about not being able to go with James. Brynlee loved having her Yaya here too, so did Cowgirl. I hope every once in a while you can escape and come visit us again.