Monday, February 14, 2011

Last of the Hawaii Pictures...I promise

These are the last of the pictures that have trickled in from various sources...
This is my favorite group shot with all the kids we chaperoned on the Hawaii trip
I must say they were a GREAT group of kids...they were fun, well behaved, great kids.
They listened, followed directions and rules and even played our stupid games!
We could not do this trip over and over if we did not have great kids to make our job easy!

another...if you want to see it better just click on it and it will enlarge
This is my second favorite shot....this was on the last day after we got back from the beach for the last time.
It is taken in front of the "camp" where we stayed the first week
and yep that is Rich in the background "supervising" LOL

My sister was planning to spend the second week with us so she flew into Honolulu half way through the week and she stayed at the awesome Sheraton hotel in Waikiki,
This was taken at the adult pool....this pool had the infinity edge..
if you look close it does not even look like they are in the pool but in the ocean....
go ahead....look close...(click on it)
oh and they also had those AWESOME bean bag chairs for the pool...
This was my sister Lynn and I checking out the jacuzzi
The next week in Kauai we spent some time with my good friend Terry and her son Jason (the fisherman/surfer) and daughter in law Emily (the wedding photographer
and Terry's SWEEET grandbabies!

These are definitely beach babies.....
cute little tans on blond babies
neither one of them has any fear of the water
and Jonah is already surfing with his dad
(and has been since he was about 6 months old)
believe it or not

here is a nice the Hawaii pictures LOL