Saturday, February 12, 2011

Zip lines

On our last day we went to our favorite beach one last time
by now the boys had mastered the boogie boards and they had a GREAT time!

 Sawyer crusin all the way in
 Noah building one last sand castle
 We decided at the last minute that we needed one more adventure so we made a few calls and decided on zip lining....this ended up being one of the funnest things we did
 My friend Terry, Sawyer, Rich, Noah, Me and my sister Lynn
we were allllll sooooo brave!
 Sawyer zipping through the trees
 Rich's Turn....check out that awesome waterfall in the back ground
it was so cool cuz you didn't even know it was there until you were zipping over it

 Me flying by......
 Noah doing alittle Zippelling
 Sawyer showing what he's made of...
 The scenery was soooo amazing
 getting ready for the BIG one....
 Up the bridge to try it again
Noah and Sawyer getting crazy with alittle upside down action

My Friend Terry and My sister Lynn