Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A day of Snowboarding....

I took the kids up snowboarding yesterday...they had a ton of fun and have not lost their abilities over the summer..Noah and Sawyer went up to midway with the girls....made me REALLY nervous but they did fine and by the end of the day were zooming down midway!

Hayden giving Natalie alittle help (emphesis on LITTLE)

Natalie and Taylor "chillin" (not was sooo warm that day, the kids were shedding clothes 15 minutes after we got there

Austin...who went to the top, by himselft, for the first time...

Austin and Sawyer on the bunnyhill lift

A few snaps from they day....

Noah takin a break

Hayden teaching a snowboard lesson

Noah coming down midway

Hayden catchin' some air (no he's not hanging off the lift LOL)

Some Video.....

Hayden gettin' alittle air at the board park

Noah's second time down midway

Sawyer coming down from may have to watch this one a couple times to pick him out...he's about half way up, right in the middle.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

More football....

Sorry people, I promise its almost over...
The All Arizona lists came out today...and although Hayden did not make the list for 1A-5A All Arizona (which is very hard to do, BR only had one person make that list) he did make the 1A-3A All Arizona team (second team) only 4 BR players made this list.... When I told him this morning...he is VERY exciting BUT...its not a Gold football (meaning a championship) It will take some time to get past that I guess....and it shows that he is a Team player
So I'm pretty sure that this is the list of boys who will play in the All-Star game in June-ish
here is the list

2008 Class 3A-1A Football Team
First Team - Offense
Matt Inman QB 6-0 180 Sr. Yuma Catholic
Shad Bride RB 5-11 200 Sr. St. Johns
Griffen Sturm RB 5-11 175 Sr. Lakeside Blue Ridge
Logan Garner C 5-9 232 Jr. Payson
Matt Wilson OL 6-6 272 Sr. Payson
Blake Crissman OL 6-3 250 Sr. Wickenburg
Davis Voss OL 6-1 215 Sr. Chandler Valley Christian
Matt Scouler OL 6-1 250 Sr. Phoenix Christian
Ethan Hageness TE 6-3 190 Sr. Phoenix Christian
Ernesto Samienego WR 6-2 180 Sr. Yuma Catholic
Adam Mosbrucker WR 6-1 182 Sr. Phoenix Northwest Christian
John Wommer K 5-11 170 Sr. Phoenix Christian

First Team - Defense
Bryan Burke DL 6-4 235 Sr. Payson
Michael Munsil DL 6-1 255 Sr. Scottsdale Christian
Alex Forehand DL 6-3 195 Jr. Fountain Hills
Joel Ballew DL 6-3 250 Jr. Valley Christian
Steel Armstrong LB 6-2 230 Sr. Lakeside Blue Ridge
David Carlen LB 6-1 210 Sr. Payson
Stephen Sasso LB 6-2 180 Sr. Chandler Valley Christian
Justin Smith DB 6-2 192 Sr. Safford
Chase Peterson DB 5-11 175 Sr. Fountain Hills
Jordan Morgan DB 6-0 190 So. Valley Christian
Shane Keith DB 6-0 180 Sr. Payson
Jake Storrer P 5-9 180 Sr. Scottsdale Christian
Kyle Hauser KR 6-0 160 Sr. St. Johns

Second Team - Offense
Ridge Halenar QB 5-10 180 Sr. Payson
Kyle Graf RB 5-6 165 Jr. Benson
Matt Reidhead RB 5-8 180 Sr. Snowflake
Conner Ruppert C 5-11 270 Sr.
Fountain Hills Matt Scouler OL 6-1 250 Sr.
Phoenix Christian Ken Cuiriz OL 6-0 238 Jr. St. Johns
Hayden Jones OL 6-1 175 Sr. Blue Ridge
J.R. Maner OL 6-2 195 Jr. Heber Mogollon
Preston Luna TE 6-2 190 Sr. Kayenta Monument Valley
T.J. Peters WR 6-1 185 Sr. Eagar Round Valley
Brady Wager WR 6-1 195 Sr. Globe
Stacey Berg K 6-2 185 Sr. Winslow

Second Team - Defense
Tad Siota DL 6-2 265 Sr. River Valley
Gavin Clark DL 5-10 195 Sr. Show Low
Derrick Fenn DL 6-6 235 Sr. Benson
Byron Wahl DL 6-1 182 Sr. St. Johns
Eric Liles LB 5-11 180 Sr. Coolidge
Tyler Savage LB 6-3 190 Sr. Payson
Zach Rollings LB 6-0 230 Sr. Fountain Hills
Tracy Poudrier DB 6-2 165 So. Joseph City
Garrett Anderson DB 5-11 162 Jr. St. Johns
Daniel Rodriguez DB 6-1 165 Sr. Scottsdale Salt River
Sheldon Murphy DB 5-7 160 Sr. Wickenburg
Cody York P 6-2 170 Sr. Payson
Ty Webster KR 6-1 175 Jr. Blue Ridge

Friday, December 26, 2008


Brittnee and James got us a Wii fit for Christmas (no, their not trying to tell us something! right Britt?) The kids were setting it up and the different characters (people) stand on the board and input information and it calculates your size and fit age and stuff like that....
well....when Rich stood on the board to set up his character....the Wii fit said......
Now THAT'S funny stuff right there!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

and...the GREATEST gift of all....

Well as usual, I spent all the money before Rich had a chance to buy me anything. So i was expecting nothing..which was fine, because I would much rather spend it on everyone else anyway. So we get to the end of the present opening...and there is one gift left under the tree. Rich gives it to me, and I'm totally surprised and shocked (cuz I'm not expecting anything remember) So I open it up and see the back first.....its obviously a picture but as I open it up i Read this poem that Rich Wrote.

A child so pure
A gift from above
On loan to us
To teach us pure love
Wrapped uniquely with care
By Gods loving hands
A giant of spirits
Placed here among man
The love that is his
He learned from his brother
No anger no hate
No conditions for others
His wonderful hug
That we need to savor
It’s simply no less,
Than the love of ourSavior

Rich Jones
And then I turn the picture around to revel this....

(click on the picture to get a closer look)

If your not getting it.....

here is the inspiration...

There is a story about how this picture came about....I will post more about that later.

So for now, just savor the moment as much as I am!

Excitement Personified

Quade was the highlight this year....with his Christmas list, that we heard about constantly. And when I say constantly, I mean C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y!! over and over every day for at least the last week. CENA, PLAYER, HELMETS, CENA, PLAYER, HELMETS......SO guess what Quade got for Christmas???? yep, you guessed i even need to say it again!?!?! First he opened his iPod Shuffle (which was prefilled with his favorite songs, thanks to Hayden) Its purple too!!! So i think he was pretty shocked and amazed with that...then next came his box of wrestling guys....Hardy, Triple H, and some other dude that I cant remember what his name is....but Quade knew who he was, and thats all that matters. He has asked for all three of those guys in the same sentence as CENA, CENA, the box was another wrapped present, any guesses what that might have been??? (This guy is so hard to find, I actually had to order him off the WWE site. Quade was SOOOOO excited, he was actually shaking as he was opening up his wrestling guys! Don't ask me what the fascination is with the wrestling guys but its equal to his love of music and "players". And his last gift had none other then little football helmets, equally thrilling for Quade....??? It was so fun to watch the excitement in his eyes...he makes Christmas so worth the time, effort and money spent.

Christmas Morning

We woke up this morning to more snow! about 3 new not only did we get a white Christmas but we got a FRESH white Christmas. The kids called us (on the cell phone LOL) because, as tradition would have it, they all slept in the same room together with Hayden sleeping in front of the door to prevent any sneaking and peeking.. so back to the story...they called us and woke us up at about 6:30 (per instructions NOT to call before 6:30) So we got up and went to relieve them of their waiting...They lined up, youngest to oldest (again, per tradition) and then they marched out to see what surprises awaited them. Here are some pictures from Christmas morning....

Christmas 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

We got about 12 inches of snow last night and the forcast calls for 4-8 more inches today and another foot between tonight and friday night! We will be having a white Christmas!!!
Sunrise had 16 inches of new snow overnight and now has a 58 inch base....which is actaully all new snow from the last week or so....
pack up your ski's and get up here!! (well maybe after the weekend since its gonna keep snowing)

EF Holiday Party

Over the weekend we had our Holiday party for the exchange students. We had 12 kids over and 3 other Coordinators. It was alot of fun....we have a gift exchange, and they bring desserts from their home country (oops...I forgot to get a shot of the dessert table!) We sure love being involved in the exchange program!
Opening their Americana Ornaments...
Emanuel (Mexico), Niklas (Germany), David (Germany) and Philipp (Germany)

Helena (Norway), Monika (Germany), Hilda (Norway) and Ida (Norway)

Anna(Germany), Rebecca (Norway), Oda (Norway)

Rebecca opening her coveted movie....that she ended up loosing to in the game

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hayden is still very much up in the air about what his plans are after he graduates this May. A mission has not been ruled out but he is applying to several schools and keeping his options open....
He was accepted to ASU today!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dear Santa....

A Conversation with Quade....
Quade- Santa?
Me- Yes Quade, Santa?..
Quade- Santa Come?
Me- Yes, Santa is Coming?
Me- Yes, we have to Wait for Santa to come
Quade- Presents?
Me- Yep, Santa will bring presents
Quade- Player? (as in some type of music player)
Me- You want a player? what else do you want Quaders?
Quade- Cena (as in Johns Cena Action figure)
Me- oh, ok...what else do you want?
Quade- Helmets (as in miniature NFL Helmets)
Me- What else do you want from Santa?
Quade-"H" (as in Triple H Action figure)
Me- Is there anything else?
Quade- Santa Come.....
Thus....Quade's first ever verbal (or any other kind) Christmas list!
I was shocked and amazed...and we have heard nothing else besides the above conversation for the last three days...over and over and over again....
good thing I'm a Super smart Santa's helper and not only could I understand everything he asked for but I'm also pretty sure we (Santa and I) have the list covered! whewwwwwwww

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another proud mom moment....

This Blog is starting to sound like the "Chronicles of Hayden"
Being his Senior year, there just seems to be alot happening with him.
Ok so this is another Proud Parent (I will include Rich this time! LOL) moment....

The 3A ALL-STATE list came out today....
here it is....
(for clarification of what this means- see the all region post below- but change the meaning to State rather then region)

QB Dustin Simmons Blue Ridge
RB Griffen Sturm Blue Ridge
RB David Carlen Payson
RB Matt Reidhead Snowflake
WR T.J. Peters Round Valley
WR Stacey Berg Winslow
WR Brady Wager Globe
O-Line Matt Wilson Payson
O-Line Blake Crissman Wickenburg
O-Line Connor Rupert Fountain Hills
O-Line Logan Garner Payson
O-Line Hayden Jones Blue Ridge
Kicker Stacey Berg Winslow
Returner Ty Webster Blue Ridge

Ridge Halenar Payson

DB Shane Keith Payson
DB Chase Peterson Fountain Hills
DB Sheldon Murphy Wickenburg
DB Justin Smith Safford
LB David Carlen Payson
LB Eric Lyes Coolidge
LB Steel Armstrong Blue Ridge
LB Tyler Savage Payson
LB Zach Rollings Fountain Hills
D-Line Bryan Burke Payson
D-Line Alex Forehand Fountain Hills
D-Line Matt Wilson Payson
D-Line Gavin Clark Show Low
P Cody York Payson

Steel Armstrong Blue Ridge

Monday, December 15, 2008

Blog Frog....

Just a shout out to all my friends to check out the link on my site for "BLOG FROG" its a handy little gadget that has some great features! check it out ---------------------------------------->

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Formal....

This is Hayden and Brynn going to winter formal.......

Ha HA ...actually this is after their day date.....
For the 1st half of their day date....they went to Snowflake to take the ACT's
and then they went four wheeling in the mud.....

This is what they looked like when they got home....

....and this is what they looked like a mere two hours later

I'd say they clean up pretty nicely!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's the day...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two words.....


Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Wish Lists.....

Noah and Sawyer have compiled their (very short) Christmas lists....I find it very interesting, the differences in these two will notice that the top list (Sawyer's) is very colorful and took time and detail to create. While the Other (Noah's) is very black and white and straight to the point. I know that is probably how most kids list are to Santa but it brought back to mind, how i have seen that its this way in everything they draw. Sawyer's drawing are always very alive in color and picture, while Noah's pictures are always in black and white...he hardly ever uses color in his drawings....any Psychologist's out there? I want to analyze why its this way. I have never had a "non-color" kid...what does it mean, what does it say about him? anybody? anybody?

I love what Noah wrote here.... " Dean Santa, I like your work." lol that is GREAT! (alittle positive reinforcement for the jolly big fella!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thats my boy! (not his dad's, just MINE! :P )

ok this is a totally proud mom, self indulgent post....I apologize right up front!
The 3A all region selections came out today.....
and even after a very heartbreaking loss on Saturday....
I could not be prouder of my son and his accomplishments
Hayden was named All Region, First Team Offense for Offensive Lineman!!
I'm sure some of you understand what that means...
but for those of you who don't....
the Coaches Pick the best Players in each position from all the players in the 3A East
and name them to
First team Offense
First team Defense
Second Team Offense
Second Team Defense
Honorable Mention
15 are selected for each team and 2 from each school can receive honorable mention.
only 4 kids from Blue Ridge were selected for 1st team Offense and they were (in this order)
Dustin Simmons - Quarter Back
Hayden Jones- Oline
Tyler Beus- Oline
Gerald Steed- Oline
this sure was a bright spot in what has been a very depressing last few days....