Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun 4th....

We had a super fun 4th of July....only got pictures from the parade though. kept forgetting my camera everywhere else we went.
our day started off with the parade....
Little miss Brynlee in her super cute red, white and blue outfit!
Brittnee, Brynlee with Grandpa (i just love saying that!)
with cowgirl (who sure has grown up alot in the last year, you can compare pictures HERE from last years 4th)

Natalie(who was up visiting for the week, Taylor and Quade
along with pepper who thoroughly enjoyed the parade!

The "Girls"

The Cellular One float...Noah and Sawyer got to ride their scooters along side and hand out candy! they were in heaven!

Everywhere we went this weekend was sooooo crowded! I think it was worse then ever before but everyone was polite and nice so that helped! The crowds at the parade were two and three people deep in some areas.
After the Parade we RAN over to Taylor for Rich's softball game.....Still pitching after all these years and still loving it! He loves tournaments the most...and i had forgotten how much I love them too until we got there and he started playing.....ahhhh the good ol' days!
After that we came home and finished up yard work while the kids washed my car (but mostly sprayed each other and played in the water and had a blast!)
Saturday night we were off to the fireworks, our family tradition, we always always sit in the same spot each year....and our friends know where to find us! some years we have a big crowd and some years we have a small one....last year it was huge (probably 30 people or so) and this year it was small.....mostly our family, the Hoye kids and some of the teenage friends!
Quade lives for the 4th of July....he just loves every minute of it and cant get enough...wish i had more pictures this year but i don't...I'm pretty sure Brittnee does so watch for her posts!
Until next year.....


Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

Oh I so remember those parades in downtown Show Low!! Thanks so much for dropping by!! In fact I used to be a cheerleader in those 4th parades many many years ago!! I love all the pictures you have of your family, how special! Oh, and very awesome your husband is away protecting our freedoms! Thanks so much!