Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Party for the girl....

Brittnee's birthday "Party" She loves, and always requests a cherry cheese cake (that her dad makes)

hummmmm looks like we got the numbers alittle backwards....wonder how that happened? HEHE

Opening her was just alittle one

But she liked it.....

I found it online here

it suits her well....

a little video.....i apologize ahead of time here is our very creepy birthday tradition....every family has to have traditions right?
be sure to pause my music over there---------> on the right and turn up the volume! but not too loud or it may even scare YOU!

We celebrate and rejoice in the fact that we have no musical abilities! lol



DeEdra said...

Not sure what creepy tradition you are talking about. I didn't know what music you were talking about pausing or how to do it. I'm technically challenged. But I do like the soft music I heard. I was wondering how Brittnee suddenly got older than Brie and by ten years. Some trick! :)

granny said...

the numbers are not backward you just took the picture from the wrong side of the cake.
As for your music family tradition is wonderful but your never going to win America's got Talent


taylor said...

i miss my family!! i am always gone when its her birthday!!!

love taytay!!!