Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Having fun with just the little boys.....

Today we went to this movie....
Silly movie $8 each
Treats at the movie $4.50 each
mom gets a nap... PRICELESS
(although it was an $8 nap)
Tomorrow it's off to the doctor for football physicals...I will find this exceedingly fun and they will HATE IT
(turn your head and cough kinda hate it!)
its so WEIRD not having Quade here....
its so quiet that I find myself looking for him to make sure he is not in something he shouldn't be, or looking at the clock
(because we live by the clock...inside joke)
and quickly I remember that he is not home!
its soooo weird!
I'm looking forward to sleeping in for the first time ALL summer tomorrow!
Dad will be up with Quade and Austin at 6am!
lucky guy....
Hope all the campers are having fun...
(i do miss Taylor a bit though)


Tiffany said...

Enjoy your time!! I totally relate to falling asleep in kid movies. It has happened a few times to me!