Saturday, July 11, 2009

Son in Shinning Armour....

Today in Show Low they were having a little mini Renaissance festival...called Mid Evil Mayhem
Hayden and his friend Ethan started making Armour for Someone here in Show Low about 5 years ago. They got paid in Armour....meaning they got to make their own suits of armour. They would go over on Saturdays and spend time making Armour for Howard to sell and then they would work on their own suit of Armour. After work they would practice fighting...they also made several different types of weapons. Ethan and Hayden have since moved on and don't work for Howard anymore (it was time for real jobs that paid money lol) but every once in awhile Howard will call them up to come and do a that is what these pictures and video below are all about.
My Son in shiny armour!

This is Howard, who got the boys started and helped them build their suits

Hayden's buddy (and our other son) Ethan

Hayden and Rio

My Favorite shot (below) on it and get a closer look

Hayden and Ethan

This is video of Hayden and Rio (Hayden is on the left) you will notice the Head/Kill shot at the end of the video giving Hayden victory....Rio has only been doing this for a few weeks.


DeEdra said...

That's an awesome suit of armor. Very impressive. I didn't know they had a festival in Show Low. Looks like a lot of fun! Congratulations to Hayden on the victory!