Monday, May 24, 2010

Brynlee's One !!!!

I can't believe our baby is almost one!

Her birthday is June 2nd but since she is moving away and leaving us

we decided we should have her party before she leaves

so we had a fun first birthday party for her yesterday afternoon

Here she is blowing out her candle on the awesome cake that her mommy made!

Taylor is helping her out and next to her is Germany Joe!

our exchange student from a few years back who is here visiting

glad to have you back Joe!

Present time...she made a haul!

but what is a first time grandma to do but spoil her!

she had to have a present from each of her uncles and her aunt

(even though they did not know what they got her it was all a ploy to justify my expenditures!)

as well as one from Grandpa and Yaya

and one from Great Granny too!!

A new bike from Great Granny

Some Beads from Uncle Hayden
Lots of clothes from the Uncles and Aunt Taylor
A "birthday girl" shirt and her 4th of july outfit from Yaya (that's me!)
Gotta love Gymboree!

And a horsey from her Grandpa

Digging into the cake

boy did she LOVE it!!

she could not shovel it in fast enough!!

A little messy....

Sharing the mess with Uncle Noah!

it was sure fun having her here with us for the first year of her life

we are going to miss her sooooo soooo much!

When Hayden left for college I was so sad. It felt like i was never going to see him again.

when he came home several weeks later to visit, it made all my fears disappear.

I hope the same thing will happen and that we will see this baby more often then my mind is telling me will....

what will we do with out her!


Fullerton Family said...

Hey, where are pics of the clothes?! Looks like she had a great first bday and was plenty spoiled!!