Monday, May 10, 2010

Gardening 101

Rich has been wanting to "build" himself a garden....
this year it finally happened
first he built 5 big grow boxes
then he ordered special dirt
then he paid our boys a dollar a wheel barrow load
to get it moved into the boxes
(those boys made some good money, but in turn worked really hard for it!)
He is doing a "square foot" garden
which requires that he mark it all of into Square foot sections
his garden space is 250 sq ft
Austin, Noah and Sawyer each have their own section
we will keep you posted on the progress.
If things go well we will have enough vegi's for the whole neighborhood!

gotta love the planting attire
Noah: Indian Costume
Sawyer: Monkey Pj's (ok so that's not so surprising)


Gerri said...

we're doing a square foot garden this year too! But not quite as ambitious as Rich. We will only have 1 4x8 box to begin with, and a few add'l planters. We will add another box next year. I have many of my seedlings in the house right now. Should have our box ready in a week or so. Keep us posted!

Tiffany said...

I am way impressed! That Rich, what can he not do? I imagine that he is going to cook all the food that he grows too! Lucky chica miss Francie Jones!!

DeEdra said...

Dick is itching to get in his garden but he is traveling so much that I'm not sure it will happen. If it doesn't we will know where to go to get our produce! :)