Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just call him Scar.... Hayden had his clavicle repaired today.
2 hour surgery
1 titanium Plate
9 Screws
40 Happy Pills
and at least 3 weeks off of work....
then he SHOULD be as good as new!

The Plate and screws are similar to this...
the Doctor said that it had not healed even one bit
which he said was unbelievable for someone Hayden's age and condition.
(But We all know the cant shovel feet and feet of snow just days after the break, learn how to do a 540 on ski's (Because the doctor said you could not snowboard but he didn't say you could not ski !!) and compete in the rail jam and expect it to heal...even one bit!)
I have not seen the incision yet as its bandaged really well
but from what the doctor described it is pretty hefty.