Monday, May 24, 2010

Quade's Award

Quade will be moving on to the High school next year....

I got a letter in the mail telling me that Quade would be receiving an award and that we should attend the awards assembly today at the Junior High. It did not tell me what award or who would be presenting it so I'm kinda kicking myself now for not knowing ahead of time because after the fact i sooo wished i would have recorded everything that Coach Thompson (Quade's favorite teacher) said about him. But I did not know until the end that he was talking about Quade.

Basically in a nut shell he said....Quade makes him and everyone who come in contact with Quade look at life a little differently. He Talked about Quades energy and how happy and excited he is each and every day to see everyone and to come to school. He talked about how accepting everyone at the school and in the community are of Quade. It was such an awesome speech he gave about Quade and said that no one deserved this award more then Quade did.

He was given an award for

Most Popular....

and the Crowd went wild!!!

Love this school !!! :)