Monday, May 25, 2009

The Baby Shower....

Pictures From Brittnee's Shower....

Kacie Decorated These letter and they were soooo cute! she did a great Job with everything!

Thanks Kacie!

She put up this cute little clothes line with Brittnee's blessing dress

(which we HOPE will fit Brynlee)

We played a few games...this is the one where you measure the moms belly and see who got the closest measurement to the real thing...

Brittnee opening the bags to a "guess what baby item is in the bag" game

Liz dominated and is the QUEEN of shower games!!! lol

Brittnee sitting with Sandi (our neighbor)

and Stephanie (Brittnee's good friend from high school! )

Thanks for coming girls!

A few of her many she is officially all set and ready to have this baby!

Brynlee...its time to come out and play!!

A hand made quit from her Grandma Jones

every girl has to have a bathtub for soaking!

Some of our guests.....

Grandma and Kacie

Tammy and Jamie

Kelsie, Kathy, Sherrie, Lisa and Sherice

Wendy and Madison....

Aunt Lynn, Liz and Gerri

and a sleeping baby Jessie
Here are the cute letters that we put up on Brynlee's wall after the shower

here is the link to Kacie's crafty website where you can buy some letters of your very own


Tiffany said...

I am so sad I didn't get to come! It looks likes Britnee got some great gifts. I love the picture of Lisa and Kathy!

Francie said...

we sure missed having you here too