Monday, May 25, 2009

Great Weekend, well almost.....

We sure had a great weekend with all of our family and friends.
It was very very busy but that left us spinning with tons of fun.
There were a few glitches in as much as kids getting sick and such but other then that things went great!
First we had most of the family arrive to share graduation with Hayden. We all had to pack into the gym because of the rain outside but it just made things alittle cozier...Gerri's baby Jessie got sick with a high fever and had to go to the doctor and was not able to make graduation but we were sure glad to have them here just the same.
It was a surprise for all of us because we did not know Gerri and Jessie were coming and when they popped out of the motor home with grandma, grandpa and Scott it was a delightful surprise.
I'm sure there were many times during the weekend that Gerri wished she had not made the trip because Jessie had a high fever and was not feeling well but just so you know Ger, we are really really glad you came.
When Bryan and Liz got here, Davin had a fever too but it was not too bad at that point so they came to graduation with us.
But by Friday Davin was doing much worse.
After a trip to the clinic and then another to the hospital they ended up admitting him and so Bryan and Liz ended up with the most expensive Room on the mountain for their little vacation...
Davin stayed overnight with a case of strep and Pneumonia but was released the next day JUST IN TIME for Liz to make it to the baby shower.
Saturday afternoon we had a wonderful Baby shower for Brittnee and Brynlee that was thrown By Britt's friend, Kacie Flake and my good friends Kathy and Lisa.
It was all wonderful and we had a great turnout!
thanks everyone who came!!
Sunday we all went to church and then over to the place the family was staying to socialize and play some games.
Good times were had by all...
Taylor and the little boys got to spend the night and fish fish fish with their cousins, as Jamie, Warren and their boys got here on Saturday morning.
So as thing were winding down today and everyone was leaving to head home we were just beginning to get our breath back when Quade came into me showing me his hand and saying "Bleed!" YEP sure enough he had cut his hand with a letter opener (that he broke) so off to the ER to get some stitches...
funny how the only time anyone gets hurt around here its on a holiday!!!!! so its been a very fun and eventful long weekend! we hope you and your family had a great time too!
pictures of each event are posted below


Tiffany said...

Congrats to Hayden! That sounds like the busiest weekend ever! I am so happy that so much family was able to come for graduation, though. It makes it so fun. Now you can relax and wait for that baby to come!