Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Dad....

This is my dad.....I love my dad...My dad passed away nearly 6 years ago...
today...was my Dad's Birthday and I just wanted to say....
Here is a poem Rich wrote for my dad's funeral.....
I think it would be a good day to share it....
it may not make alot of sense to those who read it but it made absolutly perfect sense to all of us!
William George Miller
By Rich Jones

He Wasn't one to stay too long
And he wasn't there to be social
His visits were short, what tremendous support
To drive for the hours he did.
We could not conceive why he'd always leave
But if needed, he's there for his kid's

He silently watched
From the back of the stage
As his family progressed through their lives
Though nary a thing could slip past his gaze
As he carefully concealed his pride.

I want to talk! Was the phrase that he said
As we gathered and wondered what's up
But the things that were said
Is where love replaced dread
And we learned that his heart was filled up.

His Grandkids he teased
As he joked and he pleased
A circus for no one but him.
It was never a lot
Maybe sticks in a box
But it came from the kid inside him.

Now he's finally done
And he'll stick out his tongue
To the pain and the illness that bound him.
Now he'll patiently wait
Till we reach that gate
to again throw our arms around him.

I love you dad....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!