Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother' Day

i (i will just appologize up front as my capital i is not working lol) spent Mother's day alittle differently this year.....

Because i was in Payson for the track meet on Friday and Saturday i decided just to stay over with my mom...and as long as i was half way to Prescott i decided to go ahead and head over for Jason and Kristi's baby's baptism on Sunday....which was Mothers day...

soooo long story short....i was able to spend mothers day with MY mother this year, which was a great treat!

i know this is late but i wanted to mention a few (a very small few) of my favorite mothers

Kristi and Keeley after Keeley's baptism...Kristi is a fantastic mother and makes REALLY beautiful babies!

My mother in law who is a shining example to me. i want to let her know that i truly admire her for the women that she is! She has done such a great job raising 4 fantastic kids (i am the beneficiary of her hard work!) thank you so much for loaning your son to me indefinitely~

To my sister in law, Gerri....i thought about you alot on mother's day and wanted to wish you a happy happy 1st ever mothers day to you! Gerri is the same age as me (sorry for revealing that Ger! LOL) and she just received the opportunity to experience being a mother for the first time this year! im SOOO happy this beautiful little one came to you and you are an exceptional mother! oh and you make super cute babies too!

This one is hard for me.....to my 1st baby and Daughter, i wish you a very happy 1st (almost) mother's day! what an experience to have your first child expecting a child. I don't know where the time has gone. Brittnee, i know you will be a beautiful, loving mother and i look forward to watching you take on this new roll.
and i'm pretty sure you made a beautiful baby!
and last but most important....
to my mother,
words can not describe how i feel about you
i am such a lucky lucky girl to have had such a wonderful, loving mother through out my life
one who shares her time, talents and grace with all of her children and grandchildren equally.
who strives to keep peace and harmony in her family
you are the most EXCELLENT mother a girl could have!
i love you with all my heart!
oh, and i know you make beautiful babies!!! LOL

also wishing a happy mothers day to all the other really important ladies in my life....from grandma's to sisters to good friends! i hope you all had a super fantastic day and i hope you know that you are special to me!


Tiffany said...

That was an absolutely beautiful post!

I will certainly keep Brittnee in my prayers. I can't even imagine what she is feeling. Hang in there Brittnee!

France, you are amazing.