Monday, May 25, 2009


Graduation went great! It did have to get moved inside because of rain but other then that it went off without a hitch. We must have taken 100+ pictures with him and what felt like every friend he has ever had LOL. These were taken before graduation started.

Hayden and Tyler
Hayden and Megan
Hayden and Jared (who he walked with)
and then we had the ceremony which included the senior video
(which is my favorite part)
lots of pictures of these kids through their school years. Also some silly video from some of their skits, one in which Hayden was "Mr Rogers" and then they did the baby picture/Senior picture for each student. This is the part that always makes me cry, I'm a big baby but apparently I was not the only one that night! lol. It was fun seeing the baby pictures of alot of his classmates and actually recognizing them because we knew them way back then.
Here is the video of him receiving his diploma.....he received a
college prep/vocational diploma
And at the end when they turned their tassels and threw their caps
after the ceremony, it was like playing a game of wheres waldo (do you see him?)
Oh there he is!!!
We were very grateful to have so many family members come for graduation....
we had Grandma and Grandpa Jones, Scott, Gerri and Jessie, Granny, Lynn, John, Tammy, Natalie, Bryan, Liz and Davin, and Debbie and Kyle.
Hayden and His Granny

Hayden and his Dad

Hayden and Aunt Tammy

Hayden and Brittnee

Hayden and Coach Knaust

And last but not least....Hayden and his Mommy!

We are so Proud of Hayden and the good, fun, intelligent kid he is!
it sure has been a fun 19 years! ( So far!!)