Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July.....


The 4th of July is finally here!
 My favorite holiday of them all...
I love (and insist) that my kids all spend the 4th with US
Brittnee and Brynlee were able to come this year which was a special treat.
James was at training so he could not come...
I hope he can make it next time.
so on Friday we went to the Show Low Rodeo together
that was really fun.
Taylor has a friend who rides bulls and they talked Noah into riding a steer!
we have video on Brittnees camera so i will have to add that later
but he stayed on for 1.4 seconds!
not to shabby for a first timer
(and a last timer, if you ask his mother)

On Saturday, Brittnee, Taylor, Natalie, Hayden, Lynn and I went to the Taylor Rodeo
that was an awesome experience!
I have never been before and it is a great facility!
The Rodeo was great
Colton(Taylor's friend) rode a bull
he didn't stay on long enough but he did a good job anyways
very nerve racking! 
I don't know how his mother does it!!
After the Rodeo they had fireworks
this ended up being the only firework show on the mountain
wish we would have known then that they would be canceling the
Show Low fireworks because we would have taken Quade to see the fireworks
that boy LIVES for firework!!!
He was very very unbelievably very disappointed to not get fireworks this year...
he loves fireworks more then Christmas i think!!
anyways....the Fireworks show was great in Taylor
it was very touching...
the crowd sang the songs that were playing during the show
and it had to bring a tear to your eye!
I love small town 4th of July!
on Monday we went to the annual Show Low Parade
Pictures below ...
sorry for the Brynlee overload but I CANT HELP IT!!
I have missed this little sweet girl soooo much!!!

 Brynlee at her first parade
(that she remembers)
 Hayden and Quade
Waiting for it to start
 Here it comes YAYA (that's me)
 Hi over there!!!
 All American girl!!

 Watching with Taylor and Colton
 Gangs all here
back row: lady I don't know, Brittnee, my sister Lynn, Quade
Front Row: Colton, Brynlee, Taylor, Hayden and Natalie
 Sawyer and Noah got to be in the parade with the Cellular One Float
 Rich too....he stopped by so Brynlee could say hi to her PAPA
she cried when he left....
 who's that????
Fire Cadet Austin of course...


Gerri said...

So Much Fun! But we missed you at the reunion!