Monday, July 18, 2011

Alaska Day 7

On our last full day we knew we needed to head back to Anchorage
but Austin REALLLLLY wanted to do SOMETHING!!!
so we finally settled on the zoo
then we had to get going quickly to make it back to Anchorage before the zoo closed
and we made it!
most of the animals were arctic animals or animals that were native to the region
it was kind of depressing seeing all the animals in cages
I don't think this is something i typically notice or care about much
but after going to the conservation center where the animals are there
because they are orphaned or injured and seeing the big open spaces they have
then going to the zoo...
well it was just depressing
first we visited the polar bear

this is a snow owl

the Eagles (this one looked very old)

Austin with the Eagles

the wolves

Black bear

another black bear

Mountain goats


Brown Bears (Look at those claws!)

back to the Polar bears

and then the Otter who was having a great time entertaining us

We saw alot more animals but these were the best pictures