Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alaska Day 3 FISH ON!!

I apologize for the dramatic delay in the updates.
The first posts came from a campsite with wi-fi
and now we are where there is none.
relying on my phone tether i have downloaded these pictures
no less then 6000 times
and FINALLY it worked!!
on with the show....
on day three we went out on a fishing charter
we had to be at the dock at 6:15 to board the crackerjack Voyager
this was a 14 person fishing charter
with a skipper and two deck hands
when we left the weather was looking rainy and ominous
I joked with Rich  about going on a Threeee hourrrrr tourrrr (think Gilligan)
well little did we know that we really were going 3 hours out on the ocean!!!
just to get to our fishing spot
the weather was bad which equates to bad seas
I was (very proudly) the only one in our group to not get sea sick
and one of only a handful on the boat that didn't loose their breakfast

 Leaving Seward Alaska
it was an amazing view on the way out
 This was our deckhand, Nick preparing bait
we saw big horn sheep
once we reached our destination, 25 miles off shore
we began to fish
this is our other deck hand, "BigTuna" helping Grandpa get set up
And Austin scores one of the first Halibut!
and Austin was the FIRST to make his 2 Halibut limit
Winner Winner!!!
Rich had some fun reeling them in...
Here is a keeper...Rich Caught 5 but was picky about which two he would keep

After everyone met their limit on Halibut we moved on
back to closer shores and Salmon Fishing
Grandpa and the ocean did not get along so good
but he was feeling better by the time we got back to calmer waters

 Austin was nearly the first person to meet his 3 limit Salmon too!
what a super fisherman he was that day!!
Here is Grandpa's catch coming up....
Nice catch Grandpa

Rich and Austin hanging out after they were done
seagulls fallowing the boat
(if you click on any of the pictures they will give you a bigger view)

 a boat load of fish
and a GREAT day fishing!!!