Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alaska Day 4

On day four we headed out toward Soldotna.
Traveling along we stopped to check out a Glacier

The Scenery was just so beautiful everywhere we went

These pictures were taken in Coopers Landing
on the River

If you look up in the tree tops of this photo below you can see
a roof top
this is the Princess Resort where my niece Adrianne is working
she was sick and at the doctor the day we came through

here is a little closer shot

in coopers landing we stopped at Jim's Landing to fish
in this picture you can see that Austin has some company
(click to get a closer view)

A bald eagle was waiting for Austin to catch him some lunch


Austin's new friend still watching him...

We watched these little baby ducklings for awhile. Their mother teaching
them how to swim upstream

Hey Grandpa!!

Grandpa and Austin
This is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip

On our way out of Jim's Landing we saw this moose near the road