Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alaska Day 2/Afternoon

After the boys fished in the morning we headed over to the
one place that Austin REALLY could not stop talking about.
The wildlife conservation center!
this is a refuge for Animals that have been inured
or whatever else has brought them to this new (sometimes temporary) home

First we say these Brown bear cubs
they are 17 months old and
their mothers were killed
they are not siblings but have grown up to be
brother and sister
they are being hand fed but the trainers are very careful to
not treat them like pets.
they have rarely (maybe only a couple times)
been touched

In the Pen next to the cubs was this black bear...
he was a hoot
while everyone was looking at the feeding demonstration
of the cubs, he was showing off like no other!

 next was this Caribou

 great horned owl

 an adult brown bear
 look at those claws
 wood Buffalo
 Elk....and a yellow jacket lol

 after we let there we drove toward Steward and stopped a lake to try fishing again
we saw a sea plane doing touch and go's
that was pretty cool

and this last picture is just for Austin's friend Dan....