Friday, July 15, 2011

Alaska day 3 "AFTER THE CATCH"

After we got off the boat, the deck hands took the fish in big wheel barrows
up to the weighing and cleaning area
they hung the catches of the day here

This is Nick and Big Tuna hanging all the fish from the day.
Each boat's deck hands line up here and wait their turn to hang the fish
and the people that were on that particular days trip on each boat
can go up and get pictures with the fish
 Nick and Tuna arranging the fish..
the weird looking one in the middle is a lingcod
then on each side are the Halibut
and then they lay out the Salmon in front
 Thats us...Rich had the two biggest Halibut of the day
this is Austin with his two new buddies
Nick and Big Tuna
this is the boat that came in right after us....
i just wanted you to see the size of that Halibut in the middle
I think they said it was just over 100 pounds
 After everyone is done taking pictures they take all the fish to another outdoor area
of the dock and they filet it all for you
then you can decide how you want to take it...
fresh in bags and out the door
or you can choose to process it and have it shipped home
we ended up with almost exactly 50 pounds of fish
after it was fileted